Aérofutur Perpignan

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06 December 2021  |  Sports and leisure, Transport, Tourism

Take your first flight with Aérofutur Perpignan

Once you have had a taste of flight, you will walk forever with your eyes on the sky, for this is where you have been, and this is where you will always long to return. Leonardo DeVinci

Take a first flight with Aérofutur Perpignan.

Do you dream of becoming a pilot? The Aérofutur Perpignan flight school offers first flights.

Aérofutur Perpignan



Aérofutur is a flight school "founded by pilots for pilots".

Lionel Marti is the co-founder of the school, educational manager and flight instructor.

At his side a very nice team.

The first flight

Aerofutur Perpignan

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Aerofutur Perpignan

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What a chance to enter a flight school for a first flight!

When you arrive, the instructor pilot welcomes you and gives you a lesson on your flight, how an airplane flies, etc.

A very exciting and interesting experience.

Then you check the plane before you take off.

The instructor gives you the controls to take off and once the pilot has stablized the aircraft you take control again.

20 minutes of magical flight.

Once you land, you will only want to take another flight.


Contact Aerofutur: https://aerofutur.com/

A big thank you to the whole team in particular to Alexis, Julien, Lionel, Ella and Sandrine for allowing us to carry out this first flight!

Everyone is responsive, friendly and accommodating, from making an appointment to taking off and landing.

Aerofutur Perpignan

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Where to stay whilst taking your first flight?

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