Terre d'Expression

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04 November 2021  |  Wines / Vineyard

Terre d'Expression, Fabrezan cooperative wine cave

Wine is an integral part of the culture and heritage of France and becomes a real tourist asset.

Cellars, châteaux, estates, let's discover our wines from France together.

This week, Pure France had the opportunity to visit the Fabrezan cooperative wine cave "Terre d'Expression" and to conduct an interview with Loïs Thène.


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Why "Terre d'Expression"?

We needed a unifying name that sums up the ambition and the character of the winegrower's approach. Terre d'Expression has the ability to innovate, to create new vintages, services and events in order to stand out.

A cellar of women and men of charactere

For more than a hundred years, the men and women of the villages have planted vines and have been able to pass on their knowledge and traditions from generation to generation.

A merger between neighbours

The cellar has gone through many mergers with its neighbors and has brought together 33 municipalities, from Val de Dagne to Lézignannais.

Interview to learn more

We had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Loïs to learn more about the history of this perpetual co-operative wine cave. We invite you to discover our interview.

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