Château de Puylaurens

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12 June 2021  |  Tourism, Nature

The 5 most beautiful Cathar Castles

If you are passing through Occitanie, you cannot miss the Cathar Castles. These historical heritages which make Occitanie a rich cultural heritage.

We have prepared a list for you with the five Cathar castles not to be missed. They all have in common an exceptional history and architecture.

Citadels of Vertigo

You've probably already heard of the citadels of vertigo. Often perched on hills, they are the character of the Cathar country.

They reflect past history, such as wars or crusades. Often leaving behind well preservered ruins.

If you don't know which Cathar castles to visit, take a look at the list below.

1) Château de Quéribus

Perched at the top of the Corbières at 728 meters, it overlooks the plains, also the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea are nearby.

You will have the opportunity to visit this former stronghold of the Cathar resistance.

Prices: 7.50 Euros for adults, 4.50 Euros for children.

Château de Quéribus

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2) Château de Peyrepertuse

Facing the Château de Quéribus, it triumphs over the vines as well as the village of Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse.

The impressive citadel by its architecture is of the same area as the City of Carcassonne.

It was built under Saint-Louis and protected the border with Aragon.

Prices: The fortress can be visited all year round for 7.00 Euros for adults and 4.00 Euros for children.

Château de Peyrepertuse

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3) Château de Montségur

In 1244, the Cathars lost their capital after having sat for a year.

The bloody stories with numerous executions by the King of France and the Pope bring this place to life.

Prices: The museum and tours are open all year except January. With entry at 5.50 Euros for adults and 3.00 Euros for children

4) Châteaux de Lastours

If you wish to see several castles at the same time, you have the opportunity to see four Cathar castles at the same time.

You can admire the beautiful panorama that will be offered to you and hike around in the heart of nature.

Châteaux de Lastours

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In addition, an exhibition will be offered to you to discover in more detail the history of the Cathar Castles of Lastours.

Prices: For this visit, the price will be 7.00 Euros for adults and 2.50 Euros or children.

5) Château de Puilaurens

Considered one of the most beautiful Cathar castles, perched at an altitude of 697 meters. This Cathar castle dominates the region creating a unique atmosphere.

Château de Puylaurens

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Its enclosure is well preserved, in particular the stairs, towers, ramparts and doors. You will be transported back in history.

Château de Puylaurens

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