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03 March 2021  |  Tourism

The 9 must-see places in Collioure

Beautiful days are fast approaching so why not discover Collioure, a pretty Mediterranean town on the Côte Vermeille in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

"Collioure, a treasure on the Vermilion Coast which smells of the Mediterranean..."

1) The colours in the heart of Collioure

The first thing to do is to stroll through the heart of the town to discover its pretty colourful streets. A sun-drenched city, full of flowers and colours, where you will find original houses, craft shops and art workshops. Take this opportunity to discover Notre-Dame-des-Anges Church as well as the Saint-Vincent Chapel.

2) The Royal Castle

By the sea and in the center, the sumptuous Royal Castle can be easily seen. It is possible to visit and learn the history of the Catalan Kings as well as the history of the town. Guided tours:

3) The Fort Saint-Elme

A military fort built in the 16th century. It is perched on the hill and offers a breathtaking 360° view over the bay of Collioure and Port Vendres. An exceptional place to stroll overlooking the sea and in the distance, the mountains and the plain.

4) The Oil Mill

Dating from the 14th century, it is the oldest grain mill in Languedoc. Restored in 2001, it is now used for crushing olives and making oil in Collioure. You can even buy your oil on site.

5) The Museum of Modern Art and the House of Fauvism

For painting and art lovers, you can discover the Museum of Modern Art with its modern and contemporary artistic works.

The House of Fauvisme is a cultural space dedicated to this artistic movement. In the shop, you will find works and reproductions of artists such as: Henri Matisse and André Derain.

6) Sunbathing

Take advantage of the atypic coves and beaches with clear waters, specific to the Côte Vermeille to have some rest and sunbathe. Choose between the touristy coves, located in the heart of the town, surrounded by Notre Dame des Anges Church, the Royal Castle and shops, or less frequented creeks below the cliffs of the Côte Vermeille, you will find what you are looking for...

And why not taking advantage of the azure waters with nautical activities to exercise, have fun alone, with friends or family, around Collioure. Canyoning, buoys, diving, jet skiing, sea kayaking, you can even rent a boat to take to the sea... let yourself be tempted.

Find all the activities on the following site:

7) Walks and hikes

There are several hikes to enjoy and admire breathtaking views of the entire Collioure bay and the surrounding area. Hikes and walks for all tastes and all levels. Going for a few hours' walks to the Hermitage of Consolation or Fort Saint-Elme, or a day hike to the Tower of Madeloc.

See the list of the most beautiful hikes:

8) Wine discovery For wine enthusiasts, the wine estate located in Banyuls-sur-Mer: "Terres des Templiers" offers a free guided tour of 40 minutes in its cellar. Discover its history, ancestral traditions, and the secrets of the production and aging of the great wines of Banyuls and Collioure. The visit ends with a tasting session.

9) Tasting Anchois Roque’s produces You cannot leave Collioure before having tasted the anchovies of the Roque family, which has been developing its know-how since 1922. The Anchois Roque company offers canned fish, sea cured meats, regional specialties, natural anchovies, but also sauces, cooked dishes, olives, etc... Give your taste buds a treat!

For the day, a weekend or a longer stay, Collioure and its surrounding area are full of places to discover. Cultural, artistic visits, hikes, nautical activities or even wine tastings... You will find what you are looking for.

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