La Rochelle aquarium

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11 November 2022  |  Tourism

The Aquarium in La Rochelle

The La Rochelle aquarium is one of the largest private European aquariums founded in 1970 by René Coutant. During the 1h30 visit you will be diving into the heart of the oceans by meeting more than 12000 marine animals, and discover the biodiversity of the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and the Tropics.

3 million litres of sea water, 82 aquariums, 600 different species, with fragile jellyfish and 20 shark specimens.

La Rochelle aquarium

 © La Rochelle aquarium  

Events and news

Discover all the updated events on the website;

Discover the encyclopedia of species that you will find during your visit. 9 places to discover during your visit: - Mediterranean Sea - Indo-Pacific region - Tropical forest - Jellyfish and oceanic - Sharks - Gallery of lights - The Caribbean Sea - Sea turtles - Children's travel

La Rochelle aquarium

 © La Rochelle aquarium 

Hours and prices Buy your tickets online to avoid waiting at the cash desk. Adult: 17.50€ Children (3 to 17 years old): €12.50

The aquarium has been equipped with heat pumps and solar panels for 14 years now. The installation produces the energy needs of 5 four-person households

Scientific exchanges

The aquarium exchanges with the national and international scientific communities. The aquarium contributes to the development of knowledge about the marine environment. Examples: - Cape Town 2012 International Aquariology Congress. - Billund 2013 - The new intertidal zone Aquarium La Rochelle: focus on an aquarium for algae. - The G.T.M.F (Group Marine Turtles of France) Reproduction Each year new births take place thanks to research, linking observation, patience, experiences, knowledge and improvements in the quality of water, lighting and even food.

Coral mission

Their mission is to recover coral larvae while diving in Guadeloupe waters in order to establish a coral breeding protocol using larvae from the natural environment. Discover the mission:

Centre for Sea Turtle Studies

Since its creation, the La Rochelle aquarium has developed a research observation program for sea turtles observed on the Channel-Atlantic coast and implements the scientific program of the Sea Turtle Observatory.

Welcoming, studying, analyzing, raising awareness

The Centre for Studies and Care collects turtles reported in distress on the entire Channel-Atlantic coast to welcome and care for them. In parallel with the care provided, the aquarium establishes partnerships with national and international research laboratories, in order to provide global knowledge on these protected marine species, such as their geographical origin, their age, their growth.

Educational assignments

In order to educate the youngest, the aquarium develops educational activities around the visit. Thus, each year 13,500 students are received to participate in one of the 26 educational workshops, with practical work to better understand the marine environment through the scientific approach, in line with the school program.

Access to the aquarium

The La Rochelle aquarium is open every day of the year, including public holidays, from 10 am. to 8 pm. Address: Quai Louis Prunier, 17000 La Rochelle, France Website:

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