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02 December 2023  |  Culture

The artisan craftsmen of the Dordogne

The Dordogne is a jewel located in the southwest of France. It is a picturesque destination, but also a place where traditional craftsmanship thrives, perpetuating centuries of know-how. In this article, let's delve into the fascinating world of craftsmanship in the Dordogne, where each creation tells a story of tradition and skill.

Meeting local artisans

The craftsmanship lies in the skillful hands of local artisans. You will be able to meet potters who bring unique creations to life, couturiers who perpetuate centuries-old techniques, and wood artisans who transform this natural element into works of art. Explore the picturesque streets where the clicking of workshops resonates, discover their stories and let yourself be inspired by their passion.

Ancient ancestral techniques

Crafts in the Dordogne are rich in diversity. Some of the old techniques continue, such as basketry, metalwork, and pottery. Learn about the history of leathermaking and cutlery, skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. These crafts are not simply means of livelihood, but forms of art that embody the very spirit of the region. Visiting a region also involves meeting its inhabitants, its shops and its artisans. We love strolling through a village and discovering a random alley, a craft shop to discover craftsmen in full production, their knowledge and their art.

Let's take a look at some examples:

La Ferme de Brossard - Ecomuseum of Chestnut and Basketry

Discover ancestral practices from the early 1900s on chestnuts. Discover explanations and demonstrations of the work of the chestnut and its nutritional values.

Crunchable Earth Pottery

Sophie Godard specializes in utilitarian and culinary pottery production.

The fires of Beltane

Sylvain Zanibellato, glass blower, offers for sale his creations and unique pieces: bottles, vases, paperweights, sculptures...

Artisanal and organic brands and cosmetics;

Beauty Garden

You will also find artisanal and organic brands, such as the Beauty Garden herbalists who have been making herbal teas and organic cosmetics since 2014. The plants and vegetables are harvested in the garden in Auriac in the Dordogne Valley. The brand is committed to eco-design with wooden packaging, made in France.

Exquisite Caprines

Exquises Caprine is an artisanal production of a goat's milk soap available in several flavors.

The Corrèze knife

The Corrèze Knife with an original design, recognizable as a chestnut leaf, where each knife is a unique piece guaranteed for life.

The traditional and famous “Bonne Maman” jam

The recipe is simple: 50% fruit, 50% sugar. Bonne Maman jam was born in the Dordogne valleys in 1971. It reflects the generosity and quality of the products, hence its affectionate name given to grandmothers.

Let yourself be carried away by the creativity of the artisans, their knowledge and immerse yourself in the authenticity of their creations. Discover a world where each object tells a unique story. An artisanal trip to the Dordogne is much more than an experience, it is an encounter with traditions.

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