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26 December 2023  |  Culture, Events

The Avignon Festival, the most prestigious festival

The Avignon Festival is one of the most prestigious and influential festivals in the world. It is a major event which takes place every year in July in the city of Avignon, in Provence in the South of France.

It was founded in 1947 by the director Jean Vilar and aims to promote the performing arts, particularly theatre.

An artistic project

The Avignon Festival is an artistic project and one of the most important international events of contemporary performing arts. Every year in July Avignon becomes a theatre city, transforming its architectural heritage into various majestic and astonishing performance venues welcoming tens of thousands of people who love theatre from all generations.

A varied program:

The festival is made up of shows, readings, exhibitions, films but also debates. Every evening at the festival, there are several "premieres" which make Avignon a place of creation and adventure for artists and spectators alike. The emblematic characteristics of the festival:

The place of worship

The festival takes place within the Palais des Papes, a grandiose monument in medieval style which serves as a unique setting for theatrical performances. Schoolyards, churches and squares are used during this festival to also host other performances. The performances take place:

Court of honor of the Palais des Papes La Fabrica Opera Grand Avignon Career of Boulbon Carmelite Cloister Cloister of the Célestins Courtyard of Saint-Joseph high school Aubanel high school gymnasium Chapel of the White Penitents Benedict XII theatre And much more... find the complete list on the official website of the Avignon Festival.

A selection of Shows:

Each year the selection is sophisticated, whether it be theatre, artistic performances, contemporary creations and multidisciplinary shows offered to festival-goers. Emerging troupes rub shoulders with renowned artists, offering a rich and varied artistic range.

A place for meetings and exchanges

The Festival is a place for exchanges and meetings between artists, entertainment professionals and enlightened amateurs. The debates, conferences and discussions on the sidelines of the performances allow us to learn more about the works presented.

A cheerful audience

The excitement that reigns during the Avignon festival is palpable in the streets of the city. The public is eager for artistic discoveries mixes with artists, actors and creators. The friendly and warm atmosphere that emerges from this event makes it a unique experience. This festival attracts many tourists and people looking for art and creation.

Some key figures on the Avignon Festival

Around forty different French and foreign shows for around 300 performances and 400 meetings in total.

There are also around twenty locations set up for the event.

125,000 tickets sold and 30,000 free entries for programs, debates, meetings and readings. 600 journalists.

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