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25 September 2023  |  Tourism

The Basins of Lights - Bordeaux

We recommend the Bassins des Lumières in Bordeaux! A museum of unique digital exhibits.

A place of history

The Bordeaux submarine base was built by the Germans during the Second World War. Culturespaces aims to revive this space by creating the largest French digital art center hosting major immersive exhibitions.

Bassins des lumières

 © Bassins des lumières 

1940 - Building the base

From the end of June 1940, Bordeaux constituted a strategic base for the occupier. Its openness to the ocean, its port facilities and its distance from the British enemy play in its favour.

After 19 months of work, the basis is:

  • 45,000 square meters of area

  • 235 meters in total length

  • 600,000 cubic meters of concrete

  • 11 cells (4 afloat basins and 7 dry basins)

  • 15 U-Boats (large submarines that can be docked there)

1944 - After the war

Coming out of the conflict very weakened, the conflict was disfigured and the access to the wet docks was blocked by scuttled ships, preventing any Allied maneuver.

2020 - Les Bassins des Lumières

The city of Bordeaux entrusts the management of cells 1 to 4 of the Submarine Base to Culturespaces. Called "Basins of Lights". This space includes 4 water basins. The Bassins des Lumières presents itself as the largest digital art center in the world. High quality visual and sound experiences tailor-made and dedicated to the great artists of art history and contemporary creation.

The 6 visit areas

The cube

A soundproof and isolated space of 220 m² and 8m high for a unique experience.

The immersive city

A place where you can sit down to discover digital exhibitions in a different way.

large mooring buoys

For projecting images on water.

The base museum

To present the history of the submarine base.

Educational space

Create a link with the museums and original works that have enabled the creation of digital exhibitions.

The mezzanine and the space

In order to offer different points of view from above.

Useful information

Discover the opening hours, prices, access to the Bains des Lumières to find directly on:

Bassins des lumières


Bassins des lumières

 © Bassins des lumières 

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