Indoor plants

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13 November 2021  |  Nature

The benefits of indoor plants

In addition to having an aesthetic side for our interior, indoor plants have a large number of benefits and virtues that should not be overlooked. What could be more pleasant than entering an interior in which the air is fresh? and where we feel good ...

Indoor plants humidify and purify the air

Ideal for our health, green plants provide oxygen in the air we breathe. They provide a certain humidity which is good for the respiratory system and nasal dryness. In addition, they have depolluting virtues which are appreciable as much. in the small apartments as in the large villas.

Indoor plants

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Reduce noise pollution

If you are in a fairly noisy environment, houseplants will help reduce noise pollution by dampening vibrations.

They soothe us

Numerous studies prove that plants soothe and act on our daily well-being.

Indoor plants

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Combine the useful with the pleasant

You can provide yourself with aromatic plants, which will season your small homemade dishes.

They can heal

We are thinking in particular of aloe vera, well known for its virtues and benefits. It helps to treat burns, sunburns, irritations and dryness of the skin.

Aloe vera

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As a decoration for your rental houses, or for your pleasure and your well-being, having green plants at home will bring many virtues.

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Green plants

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