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04 February 2021  |  Tourism

The castle - Fairy tales and love of French History

Fancy an unforgettable stay? A castle is a magical place that embodies the history of France. From medieval castles to Renaissance castles, the castle invites you to travel back through time.

The castles of the Loire

The Loire Valley is undoubtedly the best-known region of France in the world for its many castles to visit (about fifty). It is not just architecture that overwhelms us with emotions. Love of the History of France but also the history of all their owners. Indeed, famous writers, members of royalty and historic heros have left an intimate part of themselves in these places. It reminds us of the meetings that took place in these châteaux. Indeed, many stories from the most Romaneque to the most romantic are to be told. Joan of Arc and the Dauphin of France in Château Chinon, Camille Claudel and Rodin at Château de l'Islette, etc... Some of them have inspired many artists. Did you know that Hergé, the author of Tintin, was inspired by the Château de Cheverny? He partially removed either side to create Château de Moulinsart, the residence of the famous Captain Haddock. For those passionate about history, visit Histoire-France.

The Cathar castles

Of course, there are not just châteaux in the Loire region. In Occitanie, Aude and the Pyrénées-Orientales, you can relive the history of the Cathars. The route of the Cathar castles is recommended.

Château de Montségur


Although for some, only ruins remain. Due to their locations the panoramic views are magnificent. And on the way, you can stop to taste the local wines. You will find many wine caves in the surrounding villages.

Pure France and you

At Pure France, we offer several castles for seasonal rental throughout France. Discover Pure France vacation castles throughout France.

My Mother's Castle

To use the title of Marcel Pagnol's book, the castle is also a beautiful metaphor. Because indeed, whatever the building, a villa, a farmhouse or a renovated barn, if the place is dear to our hearts, it is undoubtedly a castle.

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