Les châteaux de Lastours

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06 December 2023  |  Tourism, Culture, Architecture

The castles of Lastours, the medieval remains

The Châteaux de Lastours are located on a rocky ridge a few kilometers north of Carcassonne. They are made up of four royal fortresses which unite on the long arid ridge which dominates the village of Lastours and form an exceptional group of four medieval fortresses. These remains offer a fascinating journey for travellers in search of period secrets.

The history of the Châteaux de Lastours

The castles of Lastours mainly known as Cabaret, Surdespine, La Tour Régine and Quertinheux have a history dating back at least to the 13th century. They were built at a time when the region was the scene of conflicts between local lords, the Crusaders and the Cathars. Witness to many tumultuous episodes in history.

Les châteaux de Lastours

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Impressive architecture

The particularity of the Lastours castles lies in their strategic location, perched at an impressive altitude. Imposing towers, solid ramparts and ingenious defensive systems, testifying to the architectural genius of the medieval era. Visitors can marvel at how these structures were designed to withstand the enemy attacks of the time.

Les châteaux de Lastours

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Visit to the castles

Take the 350 steps to get to the top of the ridge and first castle. The panorama offered to you from these heights is astonishing, a suspended moment... You can be accompanied by passionate local guides who happily share the stories and legends that surround the place.

The Cabaret Castle

The castle rises at the top of the rocky ridge. White limestone stones surround this master tower. Upstairs a beautiful window opens to the West, for a beautiful view.

The Régine Tower

It is majestic, round, flanked by a stairwell, it provides a homogeneous exterior. Its door is located upstairs.

Surdespine Castle

Before the redevelopment of Cabaret, Surdespine was the largest castle. It brings together within its enclosure a main building connected to a tower by a recognizable cistern. In the house, four semi-circular windows with limestone voussoirs open towards the East, above the ravine.

Quertinheux Castle

Located below the three other castles, Quertinheux appears as a real advanced post which monitors the entire site up to the village. Its tower, its main building, its cisterns, its enclosure make it a synthesis of Tour Régine and Cabaret. It is also associated with the largest cave of Lastours "le trou de la Cité". The Châteaux de Lastours are much more than medieval ruins, they are testimonies of history, battles and dramas which shaped the region's past. The castles of Lastours offer an unforgettable experience for those seeking adventure and wonder.

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