Calanque Niolon

02 March 2022  |  Holidays, Nature , Tourism

The creek of Niolon

Let's discover together La Calanque de Niolon, a small port on the Côte Bleu, accessible by a hike that joins Martigues in Marseille.

It is the second calanque after La Vesse, starting from Estaque (16th arrondissement of Marseille) towards Martigues.

To get there you can take a very pleasant hike, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Marseille.

During the hike you can stop for lunch at the water's edge or for a swim.

Once there, you will find a small port and a small beach.

Calanque Niolon

The Customs Path from Niolon to La Redonne

The Calanque de Niolon is best known by hikers who take the GR from the train station to the Calanque d'Ensuès la Redonne. It will take you 3 hours of walking with some difficult passages, punctuated by magnificent viewpoints along the railway line and on the sea.

It is necessary to provide good shoes, because the path can sometimes be tricky. In summer you can take advantage of the small creeks to swim in magnificent water...

Remember to bring plenty of water, the trail is exposed to the sun, and daytime temperatures can be very hot.

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