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01 November 2023  |  Culture

The emblematic handicrafts of France

France is renowned throughout the world for its fashion, its gastronomy, and its exceptional craftsmanship. Its famous handicrafts have talented artisans who have perpetuated traditional crafts for generations. Discover here some of the best known.

Leather goods, leather work

French leather goods are renowned for their fashion, elegance and quality. Hermès and Louis-Vuitton have made leather goods a true luxury. French artisans work with exquisite leathers to create exceptional and unique handbags.

Limoges and its porcelain

Located in central France, Limoges has been renowned for its fine porcelain since the 18th century. Artisans transform pure clay into delicate porcelain adorned with hand painting. Limoges porcelain is highly appreciated throughout the world for its quality.

Grasse - the perfume capital

The town of Grasse in the south of France is famous for the flower gardens used to make the most exquisite perfumes. Noses or perfumers are experts in the art of mixing notes to create unique perfumes. Perfume houses such as Guerlain or Chanel have a long history of creating fragrances.

Tapestries in Aubusson

Aubusson is a small town where tapestries have been created for centuries. Artisans tell stories through threads and colors. These are unique pieces that are used to decorate castles, museums, and private residences. Embroidery, from a an art Embroidery is a tradition that continues thanks to embroidery houses such as Lesage and Vermont. Artisan embroiderers create unique works of art using specific techniques for clothing, accessories and furnishings. Their work is often seen in the major fashion shows of the most famous fashion houses.

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