La Rochelle, Charente Maritime

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07 February 2023  |  Tourism

The essentials in Charente Maritime

Explore the labyrinth of the Marais Poitevin in a traditional boat

Far from the crowds, only a few boats. You will observe nature as far as the eye can see, with more than 1000km of navigable canal, a unique environment is offered to you, where you only hear the birds singing.

Discover the island of Oléron

The island of Oléron is a small wild and natural island, where you will find the famous colorful oyster huts.

Some sites on the islands:

  • The oyster village of Fort Royer, in which all the oyster trades are represented.

  • The small oyster port of Baudissière: a group of artists and artisans.

  • Chateau d'Oléron, with many huts used for shops and restaurants.

Village of Talmont-sur-Gironde

"Small city of character", "Most beautiful village in France", "Favorite village of the French", "Village in bloom"... Talmont is often rewarded for its beauty! Former medieval bastide, only a few ramparts and ruins of the white tower.

Hot air balloon ride

Take to the skies with a hot air balloon ride to observe the landscapes. Once in the air, the magic happens and we discover a region that offers so much to discover.

Taste a delight of French gastronomy in Baume de Bouteville

Not just a classic vinegar, it's a balsamic vinegar to discover in the heart of Le Baume de Bouteville. A unique production of a vinegar aged in cognac barrels. A recipe inspired by the traditional balsamic from Modena in Italy, with a French touch!

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