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20 May 2022  |  Tourism

The Festejadas Festival in Gruissan

Gruissan celebrates. Each year, the Festejades bring together nearly 50,000 people who criss-cross the streets of Gruissan during these three days of celebration. In the heart of the village, and spread over 3 days, the Festejades is a warm moment where you can dance, eat, stroll, all in a warm atmosphere.

The program

Concerts in the squares or in the streets to liven up the streets of Gruissan. Many groups will stroll through the streets of Gruissan: 100% Oaï Spirit, Batala la Rochelle, Balandran, les Fouzils, Tarabastar, Peaux Rouges Bateria, Papaya Jam…

Discover the whole program on their website: https://www.gruissan-mediterranee.com/decouvrir/nos-grands-evenements/les-festejades/

You will find on stage a large number of groups: Sinsemilia, the Ogres of Barback, La Ruda, Babylon Circus, the Fatal Picards, Goulamas'K, Funky Style Brass, Lou Dalfin, Lou Seriol, Lhi Balos, Collectif 13, Nadau, Mouss & Hakim (Zebda), La RataTouille, Soviet Suprem, The Caravan Passes…


As a day for children, the Festejocs are the first Olympics of the Festejades. On the program, several events to win the championship. Over the course of the events, accumulate points and win the title of FESTEJOCS champions: String game / Grinding wheel game / Target on the ground / Stick game (the last match) / Turn everything upside down with the bow / Power game 4 / Nail game / Tug of war / Tambourine ball game tournament. Several courses: Course with barrels / Course with wheelbarrows and salt / Sack race / 3-legged race / Egg race

Where to eat?

Many stands will be offered to you to eat and taste local products (oysters, fish, grilled cuttlefish, mussels with ravigotte sauce, braised tuna, “chipirones”, snails) Good appetizing dishes to enjoy with family or friends.

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