Cabrespine Cave Accro

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09 February 2021  |  Tourism, Holidays

The Gouffres in Aude, a unique adventure

Discovered in 1825 and 1934, the Grotte de Limousis and the Gouffre Géant de Cabrespine retrace the history of the most frequented underground cavities. Situated in the Occitanie region, these caves will offer you an extraordinary spectacle. They are among the 10 most beautiful caves in Europe. So, let yourself be lulled by their stories and follow in the footsteps of the first explorers.

The Limousis Cave - Rich in History

Stalactites, columns, draperies and translucent fistulas. Treat yourself to a 1 hour tour, which guides you through the wonders of the largest cave in Europe.

Finally, with its many remains of cave bears, period tools, bones and pure water lakes, this prehistoric cave will amaze both young and old alike.

Amethyst Tasting 

For wine lovers, at the end of each visit a tasting of Amethyst is offered. This wine is aged in oak barrels in the cave. 

The Giant Abyss of Cabrespine

The Gouffre de Cabrespine is an exceptional site of 1 300 000 ㎥ and is one of the 10 most beautiful caves in Europe.

You can visit the Gouffre de Cabrespine in 3 different ways.

  • The Underground River:

Venturing in the footsteps of the first explorers and navigating the underground river. 3 hours of a change of scenery.

Underground river

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  • The Accro Caves:

An underground acrobatic course 200m underground. Tyrolean zip lines, monkey bridges, Nepalese bridges and climbing walls will entertain your 3 hours of underground expedition.

Cabrespine Cave Accro

 © Photographie M.RANDA pour SETSN 

  • Visit:

With the help of a guide, plunge into the immensity of the abyss and discover the suspended balcony 200m above the void.

Lake Gouffre de Cabrespine

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Information: The temperature is a constant 14°C all year so be sure to wear something warm.

Choose your visit and book your ticket directly online for a unique underground activity.

Around these chasms, located in the Minervois and the greater Carcassonne region you will find a multitude of tourist points of interest. From Caunes-Minervois with its marble quarries and abbey, the Cathar castles of Lastours or the Maison de la Truffe in Villeneuve-Minervois and not forgetting the Mazamet footbridge. It is then very simple to organise your holidays in Occitanie with Pure France.

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