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12 September 2023  |  Culture

The Grand Rex in Paris

The Grand Rex de Paris is much more than a cinema, you will also find concerts and shows there, as well as an Escape Game. Come explore behind the scenes of the Grand Rex Designed as an imaginary journey behind the scenes of cinema, this interactive visit immerses you in the secret and captivating world of the 7th art with the creation of a film through a series of sets. There you will discover the artists' entrance and the director's office.

The great room - The cinema

In the large cinema room you will find films broadcast in theaters throughout France. But also, rebroadcasts of films, great classics that you love.

Concerts and shows

Singers, comedians, symphony orchestras. Pop music, international, conferences. Discover the list of events to be found on the Grand Rex website.

Guided tour of the Grand Rex

Since January 1, 2022, it is now possible to visit the Rex Studios every Sunday, accompanied by a guide on an interactive route. A unique and interactive visit to the magical universe of the 7th Art behind the scenes of the largest cinema in the world: Le Grand Rex, listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments, in Art Deco style since 1932 on the Grands Boulevards of Paris. The magic of cinema will take you to archive images, international film stars, transparent panoramic elevator behind the screen (300 m² of image), reconstructed projection booth, special effects and special effects. The visit is open all year round and suitable for everyone aged 5 and over. The tour is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and French.

Escape Game in the Grand Rex

"The cinema is in danger, be ready to help the Great Rex and infiltrate the Studio for a unique adventure between the cinema and the Escape Game. Will you be able to stop the machine before it is too late?"

Book your place for the escape game here.

History of the Grand Rex

In 1930, Jacques Haik, a wealthy producer and distributor in the world of cinema, owned the Olympia. He built an extravagant hall: able to accommodate up to 5,000 spectators, over an area of 2.000 m², with a peak ceiling of 30m, representing a luminous starry vault. The roof tower is 35 meters high. The Grand Rex opened its doors for the first time in 1932, in the presence of cinema pioneer Louis Lumière as well as 3,300 guests: Henri Diamant-Berger's Three Musketeers on the bill. The Grand Rex is one of the largest halls in Paris with the 6,000-seat Gaumont-Palace, built and then destroyed 2 years later.

The rooms of the Grand Rex

7 rooms in total, renovated every year.

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