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13 September 2023  |  Events

The Hall of La Machine in Toulouse

La Halle de la Machine opened its doors to the public in November 2018 in the Montaudran district of Toulouse. It is a place where show machines in motion and in narrative will be presented.

The Minotaur

You will find a minotaur, guided by Ariane in the streets of Toulouse, the Guardian of the Temple, a singular machine specially designed for the pink city, has now moved to its new home: the Halle de la Machine.

Ride on the Minotaur

Embark on the back of the Minotaur for an excursion in the Montaudran district. He gallops, rears, falls asleep and manipulates objects. This minotaur is made mainly of wood and steel, gilded with gold leaf, this giant machine of 47 tons reaches up to 14 meters in height. Do not hesitate to order online your ticket.

The spider

The huge spider stays in the Halle de la Machine with its eight legs and its articulated body which allow it to evolve, but also to spit water through the channels of its abdomen. She is very agile and mobile. Made of steel and wood, it measures 20m wide and 13m high.

The Carousel Sénart

Thanks to these movements: vertical, horizontal, crossing.... provoke a game of crossed glances between the users and invite to share the emotion between the users and arouse the emotion of an imaginary journey in the heart of this improbable decoration.

The carousel can accommodate 48 people (adults and children).

Designed by Francois Delazoriere

It was financed with the help of the Syndicat d'Agglomeration Nouvelle de Sénart, the Public Development Establishment of Sénart and Unibail-Rocando.

La Machine, a street theater company

La Machine is a street theater company founded in 1999 directed by François Delazoriere. This one was born from a collaboration of artists, technicians, and show decorators around the construction of atypical show objects. The work that we develop in the public space primarily concerns theatre, urban planning and architecture.

La Machine offers all kinds of shows to discover.

La Machine propose toutes formes de spectacles à découvrir.

The vegetable expedition, the mechanical symphony, the small mechanics dinner, the dragon of Calais, the learned mechanics, the guardian of the temple, the fair. La Halle de la Machine wants to be a space of creation, in which will be born meetings of artists, new artistic forms. The opportunity also for the company to experiment under the eyes of the public with new stagings for future shows.

The urban projects of the machine

The company "La Machine" develops a research work between culture and urban planning. It creates urban projects and installs permanent machines in the urban landscape. The heron tree, local animals, island machines, the Calais dragon... and much more. Find the list of urban projects here.

Discover the prices here of the halle de la machine: https://www.halledelamachine.fr/heures-tarifs/

Shops and cafe nearby

At the Minotaure Café, local products and culinary creativity abound in the kitchen and at the bar. The dishes offered on the menu, renewed with the seasons, will please you.

Find the menu to eat.

Also find the e-shop where you will find a selection of books, sketchbooks, posters and postcards, as well as essential and most unusual objects. Immerse yourself in the world of the company La Machine and François Delazoriere.

Cultural actions

They set up several cultural actions, such as: Le Potajouée - the pelican gardens, Yggdrasil project - Lemonnier institute, the sensory observation seat with the Samothrace center, Intersemester at the higher school of wood, creation of the students of the Ensa Nantes on an internship at the workshop, an articulated snail - action for young people in Perpignan... and many others. Discover all the cultural actions implemented.

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