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06 June 2022  |  Nature , Tourism

The 'Labyrinthe Vert' trail in Nébias

Want nature?

Ideal with friends or family, you can walk on the green labyrinth path in Nébias in Aude in Occitanie.

The difficulty is classified as medium with a drop of 150m. An 8 km loop that can be covered in about 3 hours (possibility of a 4 km loop).

You enter the forest of Nébias where you can contemplate octopus oaks; fir, lapiaz and other trees covered with moss which immerses you in a fantastic atmosphere.

The rocks have created a natural maze that creates a labyrinth.

A call to meditation or the imagination, from the legend of the Minotaur to Tom Thumb.

It's actually an enchanted forest. A magical forest where it is said that small beings lived in other times. These Nébiassais would have inspired the hobbits of the lord of the rings. Rocks where moss comes to life, one can imagine alleys, squares, a life filled with fairies, elves and other animals of the forest.

A tree in the shape of a lyre is impressive and thrones as a Prince. The rays of the sun cross the trees with a thousand shades, the light is sometimes milky. In this forest where one feels that each tree has found its place, its family, its space and invites you into its home. There is this warm and comforting atmosphere. Everyone finds the place to sit down to chat or resonate with nature.

Get lost for a moment, but don't worry, the various trails are very well marked and you can easily find your way back.

Getting There:

By car, park your vehicle in the Nébias car park.

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