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10 March 2022  |  Culture, Tourism, Holidays, Events

The Lemon Festival in Menton

The Lemon Festival in Menton is a traditional festive event organized by the Tourist Office of the city of Menton.

Menton, the lemon capital

Every year at the end of winter, in Menton, you can attend the lemon festival.

In addition, there is also the carnival of Menton which celebrates the production of lemon every year.

A unique event in the world.

The Lemon Festival attracts more than 200,000 visitors each year.

An outing... vitaminized

For more than 15 Days Menton celebrates lemon.

You will find parades of floats made up of citrus fruits and animated by groups, you can admire the fruit exhibitions in the Biovès gardens and its lighting.

Also, you can visit the Craft Fair and the Orchid Festival with unforgettable scents.

Discover a fantastic world around the lemon, and evolve around an original event!


 © Nicolas sartore CC BY-SA 4.0, 

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