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21 March 2023  |  Tourism, Holidays

The most beautiful landscapes of France

No need to go abroad, France has magnificent places not to be missed. Varied landscapes in the various French regions, let's discover the most beautiful places in France.

The creeks in Provence

The creeks are a place not to be missed in the PACA region, due to their breathtaking landscapes, the memorable walks in translucent waters. You can rest, snorkel in summer, take a boat trip to observe the creeks on the sea side or hike on the land side, visit the surroundings such as Cassis, Marseille, Carry-le-Rouet... Prefer the creeks in the spring, the days are cooler and less crowded.

The Camargue - The mouths of the Rhones

Discover pink flamingos by the hundreds, bulls or even horses. You can also observe the pond turned pink.


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Located between the Gard and the Bouches-du-Rhône, the Camargue is partly a regional natural park with a strong identity. A nature of exceptional beauty, and a wild environment that gives visitors a feeling of freedom.


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The Gorges du Verdon - Alpes de Hautes Provence

The Gorges du Verdon, an incredible place to swim or hike. They are really beautiful and are very popular! You will find many activities, such as rafting, canyoning or take the opportunity to take a paragliding jump with a breathtaking view.

Gorge du Verdon


The Colorado Provencal - a colorful walk

In the Lubéron, the Colorado Provencal offers colors and splendid nature. The Colorado Provençal is an unmissable site in Provence. Orange sediments form amazing landscapes reminiscent of certain places in the United States. The site is now wild and you can walk easily between the cliffs. A mixture of magnificent colors, between the red/orange of the land and the verse of nature and the surrounding forests.

Le Colorado Provencal

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The volcanoes of Auvergne

A place to recharge your batteries in complete tranquility, surrounded by nature, in the natural park of the volcanoes of Auvergne. 400,000 hectares, a place to recharge your batteries surrounded by nature with contrasting landscapes and a traditional and rejuvenating cultural heritage.

Volcan d'Auvergne

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A step into the void, at the Pic du Midi

An overhanging view of the entire chain of the Pyrenees. From Chamonix you can take the cable car which in 20 minutes will take you to the Pic at an altitude of 3,842 metres. You can do the "Step into the void" attraction; a technological feat unique in the world! At more than 1,000 metres of void underfoot in a glass box on 5 sides you can observe the mountain... and the void. Chills guaranteed!

Pic du Midi de Bigorre


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