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12 December 2023  |  Tourism

The most beautiful villages of the Pyrénées, let’s discover their authentic charm

The Pyrénées are home to many picturesque villages, offering their unique charm, between mountainous landscapes, architecture and a warm atmosphere. Let's discover the French villages that deserve to be discovered.

Saint-Lary Soulan

In the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées, Saint-Lary-Soulan combines charm and lively atmosphere. The cobbled streets and traditional houses near the ski resorts make it a popular destination both in winter and summer. You can enjoy hikes in summer, snowshoe hikes in winter or a day on skis, followed by a moment of relaxation in their thermal area. Also discover the village full of resources and full of life. You will find a wide choice of culinary specialties or mountain accessories and clothing for future excursions. For the youngest, the city park or the carousel in the center of the village will be inevitable: the Balnéo Ludique space, Sensoria Rio. In the heart of the village you will find the outdoor ice rink to enjoy special moments in a mountain environment. Discover the calendar of events here:


Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Saint-Savin is renowned for its Benedictine abbey, a true masterpiece of Romanesque art.

Discover the largest collection of wall paintings in Europe and a true laboratory of innovations over the centuries. The abbey nicknamed "the little Sistine of the Pyrénées" is a must for lovers of history and architecture. It is a multimedia interpretation space, monks' cells, refectory, monastic garden, Abbot's dwelling... the abbey will reveal all its secrets to you. You can take advantage of guided tours to discover its history, its architecture, and its murals. The abbey of Saint-Savin continues to surprise through time...

Abbey of Saint-Savin (Abbaye de Saint-Savin)

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Located in the village of Gave de Cauterets, this thermal village is surrounded by majestic peaks. The thermal baths, the colorful facades and the shopping streets make it a charming place. Cauteret is also a starting point for exploring the Pyrénées National Park and Alpine landscapes.

Campan, an authentic village

Campan is divided into three hamlets (Sainte-Marie, La Séoube, and Payolle), offering an authentic Pyrénées experience. Discover the stone chalets, centuries-old churches, and traditional farms which create a unique and authentic atmosphere.


This spa village, located in Couserans, is surrounded by lush forests and beautiful mountains.

Like many resorts, you can enjoy thermal cures and benefit from the therapeutic virtues of the waters of Aulus which make it the resort for the treatment of metabolic diseases. Discover the four sources at Aulus: Darmagnac, Bacque, Trois Césars and Nouvelle. In addition to the thermal baths, the village stands out for its church, its medieval bridge, its houses of character. Hikers can explore the surrounding areas, such as the Cirque de Cagateille.

Cirque du Garbet

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Gavarnie-Gèdre, the great glacial cirques

Gèdre offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains with stone houses, the church tower and the authenticity of the village which make it a pleasant stopover.

Gavarnie-Gèdre is a high mountain territory which is home to large glacial cirques, including Gavarnie, the most famous accessible all year round.

The 3 cirques, listed as UNESCO world heritage sites: the cirques of Gavarnie, Troumousse, Estaubé... offer extraordinary landscapes in the heart of the Pyrénées National Park.

You probably know the Gavarnie cirque, which is the most famous with its 6.5km in circumference, 1500 metres in height, and peaks exceeding 3000 metres and one of the largest waterfalls in Europe.

Cirque de Gavarnie Gèdre


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