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26 June 2024  |  Tourism, Sports and leisure

The Museum of Mysteries, escape game in Marmande

A desire to go out with family or friends? Book your session at the escape game The Museum of Mysteries in Marmande.

What is an escape game?

It is a playful and intellectual immersive journey that mixes reflection, teamwork and immersion. This requires logic, observation, and creativity.

The principle of an escape game is simple: a team of players is locked in a thematic room and must solve a series of puzzles in a limited time to escape. The sets are often immersive and the scenarios varied: police investigation, fantastic adventure, espionage mission, etc.

Every detail counts, and collaboration between participants is essential to success. Players must communicate, share their ideas, and work together to move forward.

The Museum of Mysteries

In Marmande, the Museum of Mysteries offers several adventures:

In the Collector's lair: the intergalactic thief stole Nostradamus' stone and you infiltrate his spaceship to recover it.

Excavation 20% - Manipulation 50% - Reflection 30%

The Fantastic Conference of Pr. Van Helsing

Attend Professor Van Helsing's last exhibition with multiple twists and turns.

Search 25% - Handling 15% - Reflection 60%

The fabulous chests of the Darling Children.

Toy boxes will be covered years later. Discover their secrets.

Search 30% - Handling 35% - Reflection: 35%

The secrets of Merlin (for children)

Merlin the Enchanter calls on you to help him cancel the spell of the Evil Witch who closed the magic portal to the fairy tale world.

Fouille 40% - Manipulation 30% - Reflexion 30%

Nicolas Flamel's exceptional auction

Sorcerers you come to attend an auction to obtain the Philosophical Stone.

Alienation - Investigation

Life-size survey. One of you is guilty. Were you able to unmask him?


Prices vary according to the number of players. From € 33 per player for two players to € 20 per player for 6 players+


Tel: 07 83 13 69 30


Website: Reservations

Facebook page: The Museum of Mysteries

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