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17 December 2022  |  Tourism

The Must Sees and Dos in Perpignan

If you are passing through Perpignan, discover the essentials around the regional capital of the Pyrénées Orientales. Collioure, the yellow train, Baixas, Paulilles, Pic du Canigou, Lac des Bouillouses, Tautavel and Salses-le-Château.

Collioure, a classic of the Pyrenees Orientales.

A classic, not to be rented, outside the high season it will be very pleasant to stroll through the colorful alleys and on the port or even visit the Royal Castle. You will find works by famous painters, notably Matisse and Derain. Between Culture, traditions, walks, and beautiful landscapes, spending the day in Collioure is very pleasant.


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The yellow train, a unique visit

Travel aboard the little yellow train which serves 22 stations, between Villefranceh-de-Conflent and Latour de Carol. Discover the different landscapes over the kilometres. Picturesque village of Baixas Only 10 kilometers from Perpignan. For thrill seekers you can rent a quad to explore the beaten track with friends or family.

The Yellow Train

Discover Paulilles

A magnificent bay between vineyards and pine forests, you will also discover a small beach much appreciated for a pleasant moment of relaxation. With the arrival of sunny days you can snorkel, paddle, or simply bask in transparent water! Be careful in high season: the beach is very popular.

The Pic du Canigou

For hiking enthusiasts, you can climb the Pic du Canigou. A breathtaking ascent to be spread over two days with a peak over the entire region.

Bouillouses Lake

Located at an altitude of 2000 meters, the Lac des Bouillouses is the highest altitude lake in the Pyrenees. Fishing, walking, idleness you will have the choice on the banks of the lake. Tautavel, the cradle of the Gouleyrous gorges The village of Gouleyrous is known for its prehistoric museum, it is also one of the most impressive sites around Perpignan. You can walk there or climb the rock faces.

Les Bouillouses


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