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29 November 2023  |  Tourism

The National Parks of France

France is famous for its architectural works, but also its cultural and natural heritage, which is also home to extraordinary treasures through its national parks. These nature sanctuaries offer unforgettable getaways amid breathtaking landscapes and exceptional biodiversity.

1. The Calanques National Park

Located in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, near the beautiful city of Marseille, the Calanques National Park is a Mediterranean gem. Its waters, its panoramic views along steep limestone cliffs, create a breathtaking seascape. Calanques are preserved coves that invite you to discover a diverse marine fauna, from colorful fish to majestic seabirds. We strongly advise you to visit the coves on foot or by boat to discover these preserved marine gorges which are well worth the detour. It is estimated that there are around twenty coves along the coast between Marseille and Cassis, which constitute the heart of the most famous coves.

2. Les Écrins: Alpine grandeur

In the heart of the French Alps, the Écrins National Park celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023. The park offers a majestic spectacle with its snow-capped peaks and green valleys, this alpine setting is the refuge of many species, including the chamois, the marmotton and the bearded vulture. You can take advantage of hikes to enjoy the wonderful, infinite landscapes available to you; with high altitude lakes and flowery meadows.

3. The Vanoise National Park: Alpine Fauna and Dazzling Panoramas

Nestled between the Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys, the Vanoise National Park is one of the jewels of Savoie Mont Blanc. It is the oldest national park in France, created in 1963 to combat the disappearance of ibexes. It is home to a rich alpine fauna, including ibexes, marmots and golden eagles. Nature lovers can explore the trails that wind through this spectacular alpine landscape, offering breathtaking views of legendary peaks.

4. The Pyrenees: nature’s paradise

The Pyrenees National Park has encompassed six high valleys bordering Spain since 1967: with the valleys of Aure, Barèges, Cauterets and Azun, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, and the Béarnaise valleys of Ossau and Asp. The Pyrenees National Park reveals exceptional biological diversity. Vultures soar overhead, chamois scamper down steep slopes, and valleys are home to unique alpine flora. Hiking trails allow visitors to venture into the heart of this preserved ecosystem, offering unique encounters with wildlife.

5. The Cévennes

Following the valleys of the Gardons which tumble towards the sea, you will be won over by the dynamism and authenticity of charming towns: Vigan, Valleraugue, Saint-Jean du Gard, Anduze, Alès... so many places which will seduce you with their rich heritage, and numerous festive and cultural events. Further east, nestled between the Cévennes and Provence, the Cèze valley is beautiful and wild.

Let's discover the most beautiful places in the Cévènnes: Mont Aigoual peaks at an altitude of 1567 meters and constitutes an extraordinary site due to the beauty of the landscapes. Discover the Mont Aigoual weather observatory, it is the last mountain weather station still inhabited in France. By surveying its 350m2 of permanent and temporary exhibitions. The Navacelles cirque, labeled “Grand Site de France” since 2017, listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The river has dug its bed in the limestone of the southern causses, thus forming vast meanders. Conclusion: An Unforgettable Journey into the Wild Nature of France Exploring the national parks of France means immersing yourself in preserved ecosystems, discovering fascinating species and marveling at breathtaking natural landscapes.

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