Roads to Santiago de Compostela

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28 May 2021  |  UNESCO , Tourism, Sports and leisure, Holidays

The paths of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle

We continue our list of French sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage with the paths of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle. You have surely already heard of the Ways of Compostela. Well, we'll learn more in this blog post.

A little history

Created at the beginning of the 9th century, the pilgrimage to Compostela is one of the longest and most famous walks in Europe.

The best-known first cultural route is to Santiago de Compostela, on a well-known route: the “camino francés”.

Roads to Santiago de Compostella

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Listed as World Heritage by UNESCO

The 71 monuments and 7 sections of paths have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1998. In addition, the paths also obtained the first European Cultural Route (ICE) label from the Council of Europe in 1987.

In search of his way

Everyone is free to go for their own convictions. Some will leave to admire the landscapes, others in the spirit of meeting, others for a religious procession or to meet yourself. The paths even go as far as Spain and Portugual.

Saint Jacques de Compostelle

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Comment faire le pèlerinage?

A large number of people do it on foot. But, it is quite possible to do it by mountain bike or on horseback, which allows you to enjoy this long journey in a different way.

How to prepare?

Preparation upstream is important, since it allows you to carry out this journey in the best possible way.

A few questions then arise before leaving!

In particular the preparation of the backpack, which should not be too loaded because you will have to wear it all day. Know where you are going to stay? (in a refuge, bed and breakfast, at the hotel ...).

Roads to Santiago de Compostella

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The choice of your route? Prepare your itinerary and much more ... When to go? You are free to leave whenever you want. But it is recommended to leave in the spring or at the end of the summer to avoid the hot weather, and the snow is still present at the top of the passes.

Santiago de Compostela cathedral

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