The Pont du Gard in Occitanie


12 April 2021  |  Tourism, UNESCO

The Pont du Gard in Occitanie

The Roman aqueduct Pont du Gard is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is sure to impress. It rises almost 50m above the river bed, this excursion should be on your list of day trips to visit Languedoc-Roussillon, Occitanie.

Built as part of a series of aqueducts supplying the Roman city of Nimes, the Pont du Gard is now a well-deserved UNESCO World Heritage site.

A truly magnificent construction built from limestone, which was harvested from the surrounding area, the bridge is 360 meters wide and is considered a technical masterpiece. Do not miss a visit to the Pont du Gard museum, which fascinates history and construction enthusiasts during the Roman era.

40 century of history, the origins

It is one of the best preserved masterpieces of ancient architecture in the world. A grandiose monument in the heart of the course of this Roman aqueduct.

An exceptional natural site

The Pont du Gard site has been transformed over time to become a magical place due to the beauty of its natural environment (with old rehabilitated agricultural land, on which alternate herbaceous areas and holm oaks).

A diverse nature

  • The Gardon river and its gravel banks, near the Monument

  • The scrubland (holm oak, cade juniper, olive trees)

  • Cliffs and caves and farmland

  • The holm oak forest

A "Natura 2000" site

The Pont du Gard site is included in the Natura 2000 perimeter with nearly 7000 hectares which includes a special protection area.

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