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29 September 2021  |  Culture

The 'Rock Boat'

'The Invisible' is a very special boat. It goes totally unnoticed among the rocks of the Marseille coast ... until it starts to move. Then it attracts the attention of any onlooking tourist !

Bateau Rocher

 © Bateau Rocher 

Imagine that you are sailing along the rocky coast of Marseille, France, and you see a rock of considerable size washed up near the shore. It is quite common to find small islands off the coast. Suddenly, the rock starts to move… and accelerates to a considerable speed. This is 'The Invisible', a ship shaped like a rock. It is literally invisible when stopped, unless you notice the outboard protruding from its side.

Bateau Rocher

 © Bateau Rocher 

It's the work of French artist, Julien Berthier...

Julien Berthier

 © Julien Berthier 

... who aimed to create a boat that would blend into the Marseille landscape, but at the same time attract considerable attention.

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