The Salt Flats of Gruissan


07 June 2021  |  Tourism

The Salt Flats of Gruissan

Vous passez des vacances dans le sud de la France, en Occitanie? Visitez le Salin de Gruissan.

Salin de Gruissan vacances sud de France


Guided tour

You can explore the island of Saint Martin on foot or by electric scooter. Admire the sublime saline with pink colors. The view is amazing. Perhaps you will see flamingos or other birds around. The Grussan saline is in operation and allows a harvest of several tons of salt per year.

Guided walking tour:

A millennial activity, salt production has shaped the landscapes and people of this part of the coast. After visiting the Salt Ecomuseum, you can discover the Gruissan saltworks on foot, or on a walk of around 1 hour 15 minutes accompanied by a passionate guide.

Book your visit. Price: From 14 years old: €11.50

The salt culture eco-museum

The open-access Salin eco-museum teaches us how salt is harvested, the tools and the history of this profession. Some information also on the fauna and flora of the saline. You will discover an exhibition of old tools used by the salt workers, information on the history and methods of salt cultivation as well as on the particular fauna and flora of the saline of the island of Saint-Martin. With the help of explanatory video and information panels you will discover how a saline works. You will learn the particularities of each core business present in the saline. And in particular the job of the Saunier, who is in constant contact with the natural elements (wind, sun, rain) and must get to know them well to get the best out of them.

The shop

Of course you can leave with a pot of salt from the saline! A delicatessen offers various artisanal products.

Saunier's La Cambuse restaurant

Located on the edge of the Gruissan salt marsh, the restaurant La Cambuse du Saunier offers a breathtaking view of the pink lake. The place is simply magical. Map and wine list online on their website below.

More information:

Official website: The Gruissan saline

The Salt Flats of Gruissan


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