Patrick Commecy

17 November 2021  |  Culture, Architecture, Home, Indoors and Outdoors, Tourism

The 'trompe-l'oeil' paintings by Patrick Commecy

French artist Patrick Commecy has been giving the buildings around France face-lifts as he revitalizes and transforms old, monochromatic facades into massive, vibrant, and realistic frescoes. From residences to offices and abandoned buildings, Commency has designed and produced more than 300 paintings in France and around the world.

Commecy and his team of artists use trompe-l'œil to bring city walls to life, an art technique that was popular during the Baroque period. Trompe-l'œil, translating to “deceive the eye,” focuses on depicting realistic imagery and creating optical illusions of three dimensional objects.

Commecy takes care to ensure that the frescoes depict the histories, cultures, and unique attributes of the towns and cities they are located in, and often paints notable historical figures and local heroes into the murals.

Montpellier -

Patrick Commecy

Vaux-en-Beajolais -

Patrick Commecy

Le Puy-en-Velay -

Patrick Commecy

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