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Thiers, world capital of cutlery

Craft shops

Upon entering the town of Thiers, you will discover that the knife is everywhere.

Discover an exciting artisanal domain, with very unique creations. Craftsmen share their passion and know-how.

Today, the cutlery in Thiers represents hundreds of jobs. Grinders, blacksmiths, polishers, woodworking and steelworking manufacturers: they all have very specific and living skills.


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Various materials

Cutlers use wood, carbon, bone, fossils, horn, metal to fashion very personalized knives.

All year round, artisans offer knife-assembly workshops. Indeed, you can mount, assemble polish and even engrave your first name on the blade. A great activity to do with the family during your vacation.

Visiting Thiers means making sure you leave with a knife that cuts...



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