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Thiers, world capital of cutlery

Craft shops

When entering the town of Thiers, you will discover that the knife is everywhere. Discover an exciting artisanal domain, with unique creations. Craftsmen share their passions and know-how. Today, cutlery in Thiers represents hundreds of jobs. Grinders, blacksmiths, polishers, woodworking and steel manufacturers: they all have very specific skills.


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Various materials

Cutlers use wood, carbon, bone, fossils, horn, metal to shape very personalized knives. All year round, craftsmen offer knife assembly workshops. Indeed, you can mount, assemble, polish and even engrave your name on the blade. A great activity to do with the family during your holidays. Being in Thiers means making sure you leave with a knife that cuts...



Cutlery capital

Installed below the city, the valley of the factories went up the course of the river to the wild gorges upstream of the city. With a wealth of industry and crafts that are still alive, the Thiers cutlery industry today represents nearly 80% of the cutting instruments produced in France and employs 2,000 people, making up the largest cutlery production area in the European Union.

Cutlery Museum

The museum traces the history of Thiers since its installation. It honors these workers with multiple skills, evolving in particularly difficult working conditions. The 700 pieces on display testify to the know-how of the cutlers, the diversity of forms and their evolutions according to lifestyles, techniques and materials. The collection presents works from French or foreign cutlery centers from the 16th century to the present day. An invitation to discover the evolution of the knife object, the elegance of tableware, the modernization of lines and manufacturing techniques.

The museum workshops

In the workshops of the museum, the meeting with the art cutlers will allow you to understand the stages of manufacture of a knife and to discover the different mechanisms of the closing knife.

Museum shop

The visit ends with a visit to the craft shop, where you will find knives produced in the workshop, key rings and the essential postcards and magnets. The made in France is put forward. The bookstore will also offer a wide range of books to keep a souvenir.

Exhibition "Blades of excellence, the best workers in France"

Until May 4, 2024, enjoy an exhibition that highlights several talented cutlers from yesterday and today. You will also be able to discover the 10 of them who have been brought to the title of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, with Henri Viallon and Angel Navarro, emblematic figures who have lent their hands and their know-how to the city to develop the cutler craftsmanship. This exhibition traces the paths and highlights that have enabled these craftsmen to stand out for their expertise.

Contemporary art center

Located in the emblematic site of the Valley of the Factories of Thiers, the contemporary art center of the Creux de l'enfer. For more than 30 years, the art center has been honoring the best of contemporary national and international artistic creation and inviting artists to produce works in immersion by collaborating with local actors.

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