SpaceX Crew-2 Crew Walkout

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27 April 2021  |  Culture, Tourism

Thomas Pesquet, the astronaut who makes us dream

Thomas Pesquet, the astronaut who makes us dream, has returned to space for a 6-month mission.

Thomas Pesquet, our astronaut at heart

Thomas Pesquet was born in 1978. He is the 10th French to conquer space and the 2nd to make a long stay.

First in 2016, for the Proxima mission. He left on board the Soyuz MS-03 from the Baikonur launch base in Kasakhstan and joined the International Space Station (ISS).

It performs two extra-vehicular outings for the maintenance of the ISS.

During his stay Thomas Pesquet took more than 85,000 photos of the Earth. He generously shares photos and videos. All this written with great educational care.

He posts his daily playlist on Deezer and even plays the saxophone in the station.

On April 23, 2021, Thomas returned to space aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft with the Americans Robert Shane Kimbrough and Katherine Megan McArthur as well as the Japanese Akihiko Hoshide. They take off from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, towards the ISS.

During this second long stay, Thomas Pesquet will become captain of the ISS during the second half of the stay. He is the first French and the fourth European has occupied this function.

Thomas Pesquet

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Crew Dragon

Crew Dragon is the spacecraft developed by Space X, Elon Musk's company on behalf of the US Space Agency (NASA).

On Soyuz, it's incredibly reliable, but you had to understand all this information […] scattered around the dashboard, while thanks to SpaceX's large screens, we always easily know what's going on.

Confides Thomas Pesquet
SpaceX Crew-2 Launch

 ©NASA/Joel Kowsky, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons 

Jumpsuits signed by a Hollywood costume designer

The suits of the astronauts are radically different from the previous ones.

Elon Musk brought in Hollywood costume designer Jose Fernandez.

He made the costumes for Batman vs Superman, Tron, Ironman 2, The Amazing Spiderman or even Captain America.

The suits are closer to the body, more elegant.

Follow the adventures of Thomas Pesquet

You can follow Thomas Pesquet on his instagram account:

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