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30 January 2023  |  Tourism

Toulouse Japanese Garden

The Pierre-Baudis Japanese Garden of Toulouse is a park classified as a remarkable garden of France located North of the city center of Toulouse in France, in the Compans-Caffarelli district.

This garden was created in 1981 to meet the wishes of Pierre Baudis during his term as mayor of Toulouse. He had enjoyed this kind of garden on his travels, especially the one in Dublin. It bears his name since May 11, 2016. 7000 m² of green space of 10 hectares in the heart of the Compans-Caffarelli district. This garden offers botanical varieties from the Far East, a mineral garden, a typical Japanese red wooden bridge connecting an islet which allegorically represents paradise.

It is inspired by gardens created in Kyoto between the 14th and 16th centuries, corresponding to the Muromachi and Edo periods. It is isolated from the rest of the park thanks to curtains of greenery and a hill offering some privacy.

A very pleasant garden

The garden is composed of a dry garden with a Crane island, a Turtle island and nine rocks, a lake, a tea pavilion and a planted garden composed of a dry waterfall, Japanese steps, a lantern, a red bridge, an island of Paradise, a Mount Fuji and the stones of the three saints.

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A place of conviviality

Joggers and especially families enjoy the place. Because everything is done to entertain children: playground, rides, refreshments, duck fishing, bumper cars, trampoline, and free-range chickens.

Walks with family or friends. Where simply a moment to sunbathe or bask in a green space - The Japanese Garden of Toulouse is dedicated to all this.

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