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06 January 2022  |  Holidays, Tourism, Culture

Tourism in Toulon

Toulon, a pretty port city located on the Mediterranean coast in the south of France. Bordered by beaches, coves and pebbles, it is one of the most pleasant towns in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region.

What to do in Toulon?

Museums, opera, theaters

On the culture side, Toulon offers a large choice of activities. From contemporary to classic art is varied in Toulon.

Toulon has been able to develop culture through a variety of artistic structures accessible to as many people as possible.

  • National Maritime Museum

It is a memoir of the Arsenal and perfectly illustrates this former war port, naval construction, as well as the evolution of ships.

Models, plans, paintings and sculpture.


  • Toulon history museum and its region

It offers you an exhibition on the history of Toulon and on the sacred art of Toulon and in the Var.


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  • Toulon opera house

Opened in 1862, the Toulon opera house is renowned for being the largest in the province and renowned for the quality of its acoustics.

This building is listed as a historical monument.

Discover the program available on the website of l'Opéra.

  • Toulon Theatre

The Théâtre de Liberté is a multidisciplinary place. Discover the program here:

Stroll in Toulon

Take a walk in Toulon with family or friend and enjoy the scenery.

- Mont Faron and its cable car.

You can enjoy a view of all of Toulon from the height.


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- The city center

To shop, have lunch on the terrace, go to the market, or visit the historic city center.

- The Cours Lafayette market

Emblematic of Toulon and about 1km long, the market is the heart of the city. There are all the local specialties, rich in flavors.

- The coastal path

The coastal path winds its way through the creeks, under the pines, on the side of the cliff. No matter what time of year you can enjoy the sea view. A pleasant stroll, or during sunny days, you can enjoy the beaches.

- Visit the harbour

Embark on the boat and enjoy a pleasant sea trip.

The Festivals

Chaque année, Toulon vous offres des sites adaptés pour recevoir des fEach year, Toulon offers you sites suitable for hosting music festivals. (jazz, rock, classical...) everyone is there.

Discover the different festivals here:

Where to sleep?

Passing through the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, find the rental villas for your holidays.


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