Train de la Rhune

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05 September 2023  |  Tourism

Train de la Rhune, an authentic cogwheel train

The Rhune train is an authentic cogwheel train, almost a century old collection that will take you to the most legendary peak in the Basque Country. The departure is in the town of Sara, about 10km from Saint-Jean-Luz and Biarritz, you will live a unique experience through forests, ravines and peat bogs on the mountainside. At the top, the cultural and natural heritage is exceptional, with a diversified fauna and flora, discover animal and plant species.

An expedition for young and old

Climb aboard the train for a 30-minute climb where you can admire the surrounding landscapes, first of all the fern fields, the mountains and a little higher the ocean and the surrounding towns, perhaps even the horses roaming free. Pottock hopes. Once at the top, 1 hour 30 minutes to enjoy the view that awaits you, followed by 30 minutes of descent. La Rhune can also be climbed on foot via the hiking trails with the Basque landscape in the background.

Book your ticket on the Train de la Rhune website.


Labeled "Most beautiful villages in France", the village of Sare is also one of the prettiest villages in the Basque Country. Located at the foot of the peaks of Rhune, Axuria, and Ibanteli, where you will find in this village a rich history and a real local atmosphere where the traditions of celebration, sport and smuggling have crossed the eras.

Prehistoric caves of Sare

Atypical geology, site of natural habitat, place of myths, origin of the Basque people. Discover a beautiful historical and cultural wealth, a jewel of our local heritage.

Basque Cake Museum

You can also visit the Basque Cake Museum, with an original approach because a pastry chef does the entire guided tour. With a tasting of Basque Cake.

Extola animal park

Private family park created in 1999. A place where domestic animals are presented and raised.

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