Underwater photography for pregnant women


13 August 2021  |  Holidays, Sports and leisure, Nature , Pure France

Underwater photography by Mademoiselle Zoom

Discover the underwater photography of Mademoiselle Zoom !

Underwater photography with Mademoizelle Zoom


Underwater photography

Experience for yourself an underwater photo shoot. Come alive in a swimming pool or at sea, feel the lightness of the body in the water. The range of possibilities is huge with underwaterphotography: immortalize your children playing underwater or perform a shooting for pregnant women or even dance under the water !

Underwater photo shoot with kids


Underwater photography


Mademoiselle Zoom

"Photography allows us to create, relive and share precious moments. My goal is to create beautiful photographs of you and your family. Photos that you will love, share and pass on to your children one day. Because every family has a story to tell, let me capture yours." - Virginie

Virginie, the founder of Mademoizelle Zoom is a young woman passionate about her profession, very sensitive. And with the patience of an angel ! A former synchronized swimmer, Virginie has loved the water since her childhood.

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Underwater photography with kids

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Virginie Erre

After gaining a Masters Degree from the Panthéon Sorbonne, I worked as a real-estate agent for luxury properties and now am a manager with Pure France high quality holiday rentals. I am also a yoga instructor.

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