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11 April 2024  |  Tourism

Unmissable activities in Brittany

Brittany, with its beautiful landscapes, its historic towns and traditions, is an essential destination for travelers looking for adventure and culture. Whether you are a wide-open space lover, a history buff or simply curious looking for new experiences, Brittany is full of fascinating activities to discover. In this article, we'll take you on a journey through this beautiful region of France, highlighting some of its best attractions and activities.

GR34 hiking

Hiking in the footsteps of the GR34 is an unforgettable hiking experience along the Breton coast. This trail offers spectacular views of the ocean, rugged cliffs, secluded beaches and picturesque villages. Whether you prefer a short walk with the family or a more sporty one, you will have the choice, the GR34 trail will allow you to discover Brittany in a different way.

Discovering Breton medieval towns

Brittany is full of fortified towns, each with their own specific charm. From the fortified town of Saint-Malo, to the heart of the white and black marshes in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, in the Mesnil forest in Tressé or on the Touesse beach in Saint-Coulomb. In the corsair city of Dinan, with its 400 hectares of moors, its cliffs overlooking the sea and its bird reserve, Cap Fréhel is an enchantment for all our senses. Passing through the city of art and history of Vannes, you will be enchanted by the ancient architecture, the cobbled streets and the historic ramparts of these picturesque towns.

Sea kayaking around the Glenan Islands

Discover another way to explore Brittany by renting a sea kayak around the Glenan Islands. Situated off the southern coast of Brittany, the Glenan Islands form a spectacularly beautiful archipelago, with crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and diverse marine life. You can rent a kayak or join a guided tour, and paddle at your own pace through the calm waters and discover the secluded coves, sea caves and small islands that make up this incredible archipelago.

Visit to the Megaliths of Carnac

When visiting Carnac, you can walk among the alignments of menhirs, dolmens and tumulus, admiring these ancient monuments which bear witness to the know-how and culture of the prehistoric populations who erected them. You can also visit the Carnac Prehistory Museum to learn more about the history and archeology of the region.

This experience not only offers a fascinating insight into Brittany's ancient history, but it also allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Fortifications of Saint-Malot

Explore the impressive fortifications of the port city of Saint-Malo, built to protect the city from enemy attacks. Stroll along the ramparts, visit the Château de Saint-Malo and discover the city's corsair history in its museums.

Exploring the Islands of the Bay of Morlaix

Embark on a boat trip to discover the magnificent islands of Morlaix Bay, such as Île de Batz and Île Callot. Explore their white sand beaches, scenic hiking trails and unique cultural heritage.

The fine sandy beaches of Brittany

Brittany's beaches are among the most beautiful in France, with miles of sand. Whether you are a water sports enthusiast looking for perfect waves for surfing, or simply a swimmer looking for relaxation, you will find what you are looking for on Brittany's beaches. Some of the most popular beaches include Quiberon Beach, La Baule Beach and Carnac Beach, but be sure to explore the hidden coves and small bays along the coast to find your own spot of paradise.

Cliffs of the Pink Granite Coast

For rock climbing enthusiasts, the Côte de Granit Rose offers spectacular cliffs offering challenges for all skill levels. Climb to the top to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and the unique rock formations of this remarkable region.

Horseback riding along the beaches of Audierne Bay

Explore the superb coastal landscapes of the Bay of Audierne during a horseback ride along its fine sandy beaches. Enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean while riding through the unspoilt dunes and moorlands of this unspoilt region of Brittany.

Discovery of Breton gastronomy

Breton gastronomy is well known and appreciated for its famous cuisine highlighting fresh and local ingredients. Don't miss out on tasting regional specialties such as crepes and galettes, fresh seafood, artisanal ciders and delicious kouign-amanns. Also take advantage of local farmers' markets to discover the local and authentic specialties of Brittany.

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