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07 July 2022  |  Tourism

Vincent Corpet exhibits at the Château de Jau

Destination Pyrénées-Orientales, in the foothills of the Corbières. The Domaine de Jau is a wine estate which hosts a restaurant and an exhibition hall.

Chateau de Jau

Contemporary art space

The Dauré family has always had a definite interest in art, and especially contemporary art. Albert Dauré, Bernard's father, collected Impressionist paintings.

Sabine Dauré, Bernard's wife, was passionate about contemporary art, considering that there was an obvious relationship between art and wine. It is with this conviction that she created a contemporary art space in the mid-1970s. This is how the premises that housed the former silkworm were rehabilitated; they now constitute the exhibition halls. Sabine persuaded famous artists such as Tapies, Arman, César, Debre, Combas, or even Ben to exhibit their works in Jau.

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Exposition Vincent Corpet

Vincent Corpet is a painter who lives and works in Paris. He signed his first painting in 1982 The renewal of well-being and since exhibited in France, Denmark, Switzerland, Brazil, Greece, the Netherlands and Belgium. He is in Jau from June 17 to September 22, 2022. His exhibition Fatras II is a retrospective of his works.

Visit the website To see a report by Olivier Taieb on the artist on Youtube

The restaurant

Do not hesitate to come to Jau for lunch or dinner. The place is enchanting, a body of water reinforces the peaceful atmosphere of the place, the terrace is shaded. The menu is unique, local products, meat cooked over a wood fire. Each dish is accompanied by a glass of wine from the estate. A moment to share with family, friends or lovers. In the evening, the cozy atmosphere of the night envelops the place in softness and makes the experience even more delicious. The exhibition venue is open late and you can visit both before or after dinner. If you liked a wine, you can buy directly from the estate.

Chateau de Jau restaurant

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