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21 October 2021  |  Tourism

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Belle station balnéaire nichée au pied d'une impressionnante falaise (Cap Canaille), Cassis séduit par son port pittoresque et ses quais bordés de cafés et restaurants où les visiteurs aiment flâner.


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Cassis port

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Le Port Cassis

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The city, all up high, has charming old quarters with an elegant 17th century town hall which opens onto a shaded square where the Cassidains like to come and cool off on summer evenings by playing boules. The Route des Crêtes which connects Cassis to La Ciotat is impressive along the Soubeyranes cliffs. It dominates the sea and offers an exceptional panorama.

Cassis is famous for its huge creeks which majestically run along the sea to Marseille. Considered by climbing enthusiasts as an essential site, the creeks offer all kinds of walks: from the most peaceful to the most sporty. 160 km of trails are marked.

Cassis Calanques

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Cassis, a charming village

A natural setting where you will find pine forests, ocher or white rocks, plain vineyards. Cassis is protected by two monuments of nature: Le Cap Canaille (the highest maritime cliff in Europe) and the Calanques of white limestone.

Cassis is a small fishing port, nestled between two exceptional natural sites (Massif des Calanques and the majestic Cap Canaille) offering visitors a concentrate of Provence and the Mediterranean.

A charm that is revealed when you walk through the narrow streets and squares lined with colorful fishermen's houses, its port, its boats and its welcoming terraces.

Calanques National Park

Before visiting the creeks, we recommend that you bring appropriate clothing and footwear, a cap, water and sun protection. Find out about the opening of the creeks, access is regulated by prefectural decree. Cliffs that were formed 120 million years ago, sea as far as the eye can see, fauna and flora, a unique site in the world that allows nature lovers to enjoy various activities. Under water while exploring the seabed or aboard a boat or even on land while browsing the hiking trails, the creeks are rich in diversity.

The vineyards

The Vignoble de Cassis was one of the first controlled designations of origin in 1926. The municipality has extended the area of the vineyard from 178 to 210 hectares for 3 reasons: the vineyard participates directly in the quality of the landscape, it has a real economic weight and it plays an important role in the protection against fires. Discover the wines of Cassis with pleasure around a table, with family or friends, connoisseurs will not miss a walk on the land.

A microclimate

The microclimate of Cassis is favorable with the mistral, the sea breeze maintains good humidity, 3000 hours of sunshine per year which promote the development of the grapes and their sugar intake, the rains in early spring and autumn regenerate the parched land.

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