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17 July 2023  |  Tourism

Visit La Rochelle

In the southwest of France, La Rochelle is one of the must-sees on the Atlantic Coast. You may be wondering, what to do in La Rochelle? Places of interest not to be missed, information, visits, let's discover La Rochelle and its surroundings together.

What to visit and see in La Rochelle?

A walk in the historic center and around the Old Port.

Take the time to stroll near the Old Port and admire the quays: Quai Dupperé, Quai du Carénage, Quai Valin. You can even find artists or painters offering beautiful works.

Do not miss:

  • The Grosse-Horloge gate on the edge of the Old Port.

  • Maison Henri II, which does not visit but which can be admired from an interior courtyard.

  • City Hall

  • The charming rue du Palais with its arcades

  • Cloister of the White Ladies which turns into an exhibition space in the summer.

  • Rue Saint-Jean du Pérot

  • Cour du Temple for a break on the pleasant terrace.

Visit the towers of La Rochelle, emblematic monuments.

Tour Saint-Nicolas with the aim of defending the port. Tour de la Chaîne, located opposite the previous tower. Lantern Tower, dating from the 12th century, it also served as a lighthouse.

It is possible to visit the 3 towers. They offer you a view of the city and the port. Instructive tours on the history of the port city and its famous towers!

Relax by the sea, on one of the beaches.

To visit museums

For example Le Musée du Nouveau Monde. Adult 8€

Museum of Fine Arts of La Rochelle: collection of the museum mainly composed of European paintings dating from several eras - You can discover the works of Camille Corot, Paul Huet, Aristide Boulineay or Frans II Francken. As well as works from Asia.

La Rochelle Aquarium

Dive into the unforgettable by visiting the La Rochelle aquarium. Buy your tickets online here: 600 species with sharks, barracudas, rays, or corals, the species are very varied and not limited to those of the Atlantic Ocean. But species from the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or the Indian Ocean.

Buzay castle, La Rochelle towers, maritime museum, Cognac museum... discover museums to discover in or around La Rochelle

Taste regional specialties from Les Halles

Les Halles and its market offer you fresh and regional products, but also seafood products such as seafood in La Rochelle. Oysters, mussels, shellfish and crustaceans... in every season, taste the iodized flavors of La Rochelle.

Fort Boyard cruise from La Rochelle

The interior of Fort Boyard is not allowed to be visited, but you can observe it from the sea, on a boat trip. You can observe the city from the sea when you leave the Old Port.

Getting to La Rochelle

By train, plane or car, La Rochelle is easily accessible, from Paris 2h40 and from Bordeaux 2h15. The car allows you to freely visit La Rochelle as you wish.

Escapade nature

Bucolic breaks in the shade of trees, on the beach, on bike rides or on foot, you can reach the beautiful nature reserves of the territory and discover nature and preserved fauna.

The unmissable beaches of La Rochelle:

Refreshing, resting, entertainment for children, or simply enjoying, La Rochelle offers a selection of choices to fully enjoy your holidays. At the bend of the Old Port of La Rochelle and its famous towers, you can discover La Concurrence beach, the ideal place for a family day out.

Minimes beach, family beach

Located between the Port de Plaisance des Minimes and the Parc des Pères, it is the largest beach in La Rochelle: with its small shops and cafés-restaurants, it welcomes summer visitors in July and August.

Chef de Baie Beach

To reach the beach of Chef-de-Baie located in the Port-Neuf district, a nice walk awaits you from the historic center. You will find a huge lawn overlooking the beach to meet up with family or friends for a picnic.

Aytré beach, lively all summer long

It is one of the most beautiful in the region, and also one of the largest with its 3.5 km of sand: a paradise for kitesurfers, kite lovers and other windsurfers.

Châtelaillon-Plage beach: a paradise for children

Châteillon-plage is the perfect beach for children. The 2.5km of blond sand are the perfect playground for having fun and building the most beautiful sand castles. On a clear day, you can see the island of Aix and Fort Boyard.

The wild beach of l'Houmeau

Houmeau beach is distinguished by its seaside and its pretty pebbles from the surrounding cliffs. Rounded pebbles, the sea currents have polished them and carried them to this cove from which you will see the arches of the Ile de Ré bridge.

Activities and leisure

La Rochelle offers many activities to take advantage of all the riches of the territory in a different way. A helicopter flight to see La Rochelle from the sky? Take a yoga class on the beach? Learn to cook fish and seafood with a chef? Or other sports or cultural activities outdoors or indoors... Treat yourself during your stay in La Rochelle.

100% outdoor activities:

Paddle boarding, guided bike tour, sea trip, tour of Fort Boyard with commentary, sea course... discover all the outdoor activities for a memorable holiday in La Rochelle.

Natural areas and nature reserves

Pointe Saint-Clément, beginning of Aiguillon Bay, the Rompsay Canal, the Yves marsh national reserve, the estuary park, a site for nature getaways.

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