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11 January 2022  |  Culture

"Ways Of Being Alive'" a book by Baptiste Morizot

"Ways Of Being Alive' by Baptiste Morizot.

The text on the back cover will entice you to read this book;

"Imagine this fable: a species secedes. It declares that the ten million other species on Earth, its relatives, are "nature." Namely: not beings but things, not actors but the setting, resources at hand. One species on one side, ten million on the other, and yet one family, one world. This fiction is our heritage. Its violence has contributed to ecological upheavals. This is why we have a cultural battle to wage over the importance to be returned to the living. This book intends to throw its strength into it. By going to track the animals in the field, and the ideas we have of them in the forest of knowledge. Can we learn to feel alive, to love ourselves as alive? How can we imagine a policy of interdependence, which combines cohabitation with alterities, with the fight against what destroys the fabric of living things? It's about reconnecting: approaching the inhabitants of Earth, including humans, like ten million ways of being alive."

Baptiste Morizot takes as his starting point the lookout for the wolf, his tracking, and leads us through this philosophical book on a whole reflection of the living. An awareness of the world around us, an awareness of the self.

The book is written in different independent episodes which are as many paths of reflection: the ecological crisis as cride of sensitivity, the barbarian of a beast, to be a band and whatever the species, to compose a body, the promises of a sponge or even cohabiting with his beasts, the diplomatic ethics of Spinoza.

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