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23 March 2021  |  Events, Holidays

What to do for the Easter holidays?

On 4th April 2021 the traditional Christian celebration of Easter takes place, particularly popular with children and adults alike.

We all know that chocolate eggs and rabbits are symbols of this holiday. It was originally a hare that distributed eggs in German-speaking countries. More details.

Enjoy some typical Easter activities passed down from generation to generation.

Activities for children

Chocolate eggs

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The Easter holidays will allow you to enjoy time with the children. Use your imagination and engage in fun, creative activities.

Create, decorate, glue or paint ... let Easter inspire you. Paint, colour and decorate eggs with imagary of chicken and rabbits Tip: Running out of inspiration? You will then find a large number of tutorials on the internet that can help or inspire you.

Get some fresh air and recharge your batteries!


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Do you want a change of scenery and recharge your batteries during your stay?

With family or friends, it is now possible to rent a holiday home close to your home. Or in another region.

A breath of fresh air in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains... Choose your destination, your holiday home and your future activities. And voila!

Enjoy the simplest things... get together with family and enjoy beautiful spring days.


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Spring walks to enjoy the first rays of sun, or simply relax in your garden.

Culinary preparations

Easter brings chocolate eggs and pastries come to mind! Spend time with family and prepare and enjoy an Easter meal.

Easter eggs

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