Holidays in France

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12 February 2021  |  Pure France

Why make your house available for holiday rentals?

Do you own a principle or secondary home in France? An exceptional property, an old renovated house, a family home with a unique history ? If you're apprehensive about taking the plunge and renting out your property, this article is made for you!

Private pool

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Open the door to potential additional income

Seasonal rental allows you to earn additional income, whilst having control over the rental calendar. A platform like Pure France, thanks to its expertise since 2003, will allow you to easily rent your secondary or main property during your absence. Pure

Make your property live

Offering your property to holidaymakers allows you not to leave your house uninhabited. In addition, most family holiday-makers prefer villas with private pools rather than rentals in resorts. For vacations with family, friends or as a couple, they like to choose their private rental that suits them, for the holiday of their dreams. According to INSEE in 2018 the number of tourist accommodation in France, offered by individuals via internet platforms, increased by 15%. This is a good reason to go through a secure platform such as Pure France to start holiday rentals.

Holidays in France

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Introduce your region

Your renters will appreciate your advice on how to discover the region and its surroundings (activities, places to visit, nearby amenities, restaurants, etc.) So, if you want to put your property up for seasonal rental, don't wait any longer and get started on the experience.

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