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09 March 2022  |  Culture

Candlemas - Why do we make pancakes?

Originally a religious festival

Candlemas is a religious holiday. It is celebrated on the 40th day after Christmas. Its etymological origin comes from the candles used that day instead of the usual torches. They are lit in the church and the faithful keep them home, put them on a window to bring light, purity and ward off evil.

The Rite of Spring

The round shape of the pancake as well as its golden color are a representation of the sun and the return to light. It is also the coronation of spring. A tribute to the days that are getting longer and to the light, to the cycle of the seasons and the announcement of spring.


It was customary for peasants to make pancakes on Candlemas Day otherwise the wheat harvest would be poor the following year. For prosperity, you had to throw the first pancake in the air by turning it over with your right hand and hold a Louis d'or in your left hand. The crepe had to land in the pan of course. The pancake will then be placed on top of a cupboard.

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