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15 March 2023  |  Wines / Vineyard, Gastronomy

Gaillac wines, local know-how

Know-how, traditions, riches of a terroir, winegrowers discover the wines of Gaillac.

The Gaillac vineyard

Established on the borders of Haute-Garonne and Tarn, no less than 400 wine properties and private cellars are located in Gaillac, which owes its fame to its thousand-year-old wine production. The Gaillac vineyard is a bastion of ancient grape varieties. The winegrowers like to find the old local grape varieties left aside, forgotten or lost. This one has never broken with history, the grape varieties are the identity of the Gaillac vineyard.

A wide range of wines

The wines are numerous with white, red, rosé wines of great freshness, with still, sparkling, dry and sweet wines, united by the same base of grape variety.

The Caves

Maison Labastide, Vinovalie - Cellar Rabastens, Vinovalie - Cellar of Técou.

The wine estates

Domaine de Larroque, Domaine Vayssette, Château de Saurs, Domaine des Vergnades, Mas d'Aurel, Domaine de Labarthe, Château de Mayragues and Château Lastours.

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