22 May 2021  |  Gastronomy

How’d you like them apples

The French like to celebrate food in all its varieties and one can find village ‘Fetes’ to celebrate just about anything that grows locally. When in season villagers flock to rejoice and taste the fruits of their region from the humble chestnut to the inedible mimosa flowers. These fairs attract artisans from far a wide who also bring their own special products to add to the occasions. Such as paintings, wood carving, cheese making, charcuterie, knitwear and of course a presence from the local wine cave - the list goes on and on... Invariably a local band will wander the the streets adding to the atmosphere and the poor hapless motorist will be directed to the diversion route that circumnavigates the village with  calls of ‘turn around when possible’. But the trick is that, these fairs are not to be missed and the true flavour of France is here. From the young to the old there is always something to whet your appetite which is the joy of a french holiday.

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