Laure Thouvenin pastries


26 November 2021  |  Bakeries, Patisseries

Laure Thouvenin Pastry

Discover the Pâtisserie Laure Thouvenin.

A reasoned pastry to use the words of Laure, professional pastry chef.

More flavors and less sugar

Laure Thouvenin
Laure Thouvenin cakes


Laure Thouvenin is a young woman full of enthusiasm, dynamic and who leads her pastry with a masterful hand.

For the moment no shop, orders are made by messages with receipt in Perpignan.

Laure Thouvenin pastries


More than a realization, cakes and pastries are about the confection.

The taste is at the height of the sublime aesthetic. A refinement savored by all the senses.

Laure Thouvenin croissant


Laure Thouvenin pastries


How to order

To order follow Laure on her facebook page or instagram account:


Instagram: @patisserie_laurethouvenin

Laure Thouvenin pastries


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