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Fresh croissants in the morning and good country bread to accompany a meal, a good bakery is a gem. Discover here a delight of pastries from all regions of France. Some of the best bakeries and recipes.

26 November 2021  |  Virginie Erre  |  Bakeries, Patisseries

Laure Thouvenin Pastry

Discover the Pâtisserie Laure Thouvenin. A reasoned pastry to use Laure's words. More than a realization, cakes and pastries are about the confection. The taste is at the height of the sublime aesthetic. More flavors and less sugar - Laure Thouvenin.

© Daniela Kloth, GFDL 1.2 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

28 October 2021  |  Lee Jones  |  Culture, Bakeries, Patisseries

The French croissant

The beloved French croissant famously known around the world as a traditional French pastry is actually an adaptation of an Austrian 'kipferl', a traditional yeast bread roll. As the popularity of the 'kipferl' grew amongst the French, an alternative copy of the pastry was created and known today as the French croissant.

© Edwart Chocolatier

01 April 2021  |  Virginie Erre  |  Bakeries, Patisseries, Gastronomy

Easter chocolates

Long live Easter and its chocolates. A quick tour of the best chocolate makers in France with original Easter chocolates. Edwin Yasané, Jean Pierre Rodrigues, Cédric Grolet and Patrick Roger. Discover these great chocolate chefs of France as well as their exceptional chocolates.

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