Mardi Gras

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04 March 2022  |  Culture, Events, Tourism

Mardi gras, carnival... a tradition

What is the Mardi Gras tradition in France?

Mardi Gras is popularly the day when children enjoy pancakes, earlets, waffles and donuts.

It is also the day when the children dress up. A few years ago they knocked on doors to ask neighbors in the villages for eggs, sugar, flour to make cakes or pancakes that will be eaten in the afternoon.

In Dunkirk, for example, the whole town dresses up and parades in the street.

A little culture...

Mardi Gras marks the end of the "seven fat days" week. It is followed by Ash Wednesday and Lent, when Christians are urged to "eat lean", traditionally abstaining from meat for 40 days.

Put on your best Carnival costumes!


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