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29 May 2023  |  Gastronomy

Rody Chocolaterie - Chocolate museum in the heart of Lot-et-Garonne

Come and discover all the secrets of chocolate in this open and free museum. A unique and original experience with an immersion in a reconstituted tropical forest where the pod harvesters are at work. You will be able to visit several rooms: from the discovery of aromas in a fun space to the production of chocolate live.

The chocolate workshop

You can visit the workshop and can even create your own chocolate bar with gourmet ingredients to place on the bar as you wish. Hazelnuts, ginger, coconut, almonds, candied fruit shavings, spices... There's something for everyone!

Chocolates from Rody Chocolaterie

The Mi-Cachocs This is the original creation of Chocolaterie Rody. They are inspired by macaroons and offer a wide combination of gourmet flavors. With a chewy interior texture and crunchy coating, they have it all. You will find variations with fine or powerful aromas: white & raspberry, milk & passion fruit, milk & Pina Colada, black & cherry, black & green tea, white & pistachio, milk & yuzu...

The tablets They offer giant bars with aromas of fruit and spices, from the most classic to the most subtle. Taste the sweetness of vanilla, the spiciness of chilli, the roundness of pistachios, the freshness of orange, the exoticism of yuzu, the subtlety of tea or even the surprising sparkling chocolates.

Information Rody Chocolaterie

Espace gourmand et artisanal "Grand bois" Route de Villeneuve-sur-Lot 47330 Castillonnès BERGERAC 5 rue du Mourrier

TOULOUSE 69 avenue Etienne Billières

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